piatok 7. februára 2014


B&W things that makes me happy these days :

✚ Intimissimi bra (fenomenal)
✚ Jimi Hendrix vinyl (Hey Joe, you take my clothes off*)
✚ "Ask me about my Dachshund" travel mug (Teekane Zen Chai&go)
✚ Ilford B&W film (so excited!)
✚ Curaprox ultrasoft toothbrush (dark black color for my dark hostel nights in Prague)
✚ Sport fex from France (challenge accepted)
✚ Black cup (☕)
✚ Fenomenal "On the fur" event with Chris ♥

Have you ever had Porter in Prešporák?
Just try.
You won't regret it.

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